Keep the Faith and Stay Positive

We appreciate all of the heartfelt emotions shared on our Facebook page and the support given by people from near and far in this ongoing effort to bring our Mickey home, and we can’t say that enough.
Now while it is understandable that negative emotions can be expressed in this kind of situation, please remember to keep everything we say POSITIVE in a public forum such as this. Regardless of what comes from the police press conference later today, we have to recognize the truly amazing show of love and support shown by every person involved in this great effort. We have seen this love in the hundreds of searchers laboring for hours in the hot Louisiana summer, in the mass amounts of food and drinks donated to feed them, in the thousands of flyers put up across Louisiana and the rest of the country, and in the countless people we have met during these 48 days who had no clue who Mickey Shunick was before May 19th but nevertheless have given up a portion of their lives and their heart to reunite a young girl with her family. The main thing we need to do now is utilize that amazing wealth of love in order to overlook the unconfirmed rumors and assumptions rather than venting our anger over the internet, or elsewhere. Let’s KEEP THE FAITH and stay positive and most of all LET’S BRING MICKEY HOME!